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Erinn Peet Lukes has been pulled through life by a thread of a dream. It runs through each city she’s lived in, each cafe, street corner and venue she’s played, and every person she meets. There was no point when the vision of writing songs and performing came into Erinn’s head,-it was always there. At the same time she learned her first guitar chords she wrote her first batch of songs, then promptly recorded them and gave them out to her high school classmates, decorated with permanent marker. It then pulled her to cafes in Seattle, the subway stations in NYC, and eventually the foothills of the Rockies.

She formed her first band, a bluegrass outfit called Thunder and Rain, in September 2013. She grew with the band, playing shows of all sizes, hitting the road in Ireland, Canada and the UK. A cover of Sweet Child O Mine became a viral hit on YouTube, amazing thousands of subscribers and likes.

In 2018, she recorded her first solo EP titled “Take Back Your Angels”. “Small Town Hero” and “White House by the Sea” made her a New Folk Finalist at Kerrville Folks Festival, and the title track made her a Chris Austin Songwiritng Finalist at Merlefest 2020. 

Her first band made it to it’s 7th anniversary before officially going on hiatus. EPL continues to be pulled by the thread of a dream that has always been there- front, center and completely in focus. She follows it to a resurgence of a solo career.